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Premium European Pedicure Treatments from CND and LCN.

We are pleased to uniquely offer CND and LCN Premium Pedicure Treatments.


CND is an award winning nail product brand which has won the Nails Magazine  Reader’s Choice Award over the past 10 years.


LCN is a high-quality German brand, LCN offers products that are as luxurious as they are effective. A true experience in European luxury, LCN Premium Pedicure Treatments will delight and indulge your senses.

Our Pedicures consist of: trimming, shaping, cuticle eliminator treatment, callous eliminator treatment, exfoliating the leg from your knee to your feet, ten minute massage from the knee to your  feet, polish.

Our Pedicures:


CND Sugar Vanilla Spa Pedicure:

Decadent notes of dark vanilla, white tea and wild orchid envelop the senses. Indulgent treatments with raw brown sugar and pure olive oil transport you on a journey to deep renewal.


CND Bright Citron Spa Pedicure:

Escape on a Journey of Relaxation unlocks the Beauty of Botanicals infused with the nurturing essences of fruits and flowers. CND Bright Citron Spa Pedicure Treatment; Restores Radiance with botanical blend of hydrating Honey, and Purifying Kaffir lime.


CND Gardenia Woods Spa Pedicure:

An Indulge of Rich Moisture, Hydrate Skin with a botanical blend of soothing Chamomile and Purifying Sandal wood.  Gardenia and Jasmine transport you to a tranquil garden.

CND Marine Spa Pedicure:

Escape to a Marine Adventure with an inspired system born of the sea. Immerge your feet to a concentrated nourishing seaweed foot soak with Marine sea rocks which reduce inflammation.


LCN Red Wine Leaf Pedicure:

Pamper yourself with the luscious scents and powerful ingredients of the Red Wine Leaf Series. The perfect pedicure for tired, swollen, irritated, and stressed feet. Enjoy an extra indulgence with a soothing paraffin dip for your feet.


LCN Citrus Pedicure:

A refreshing pedicure perfect for mature or demanding skin in need of renewal, regeneration and incredible moisture...

LCN Urea Pedicure:

The ultimate Hydration Vacation – the perfect pedicure for extremely dry or calloused feet with its blend of Lactic Acids and high percentage of synthetic Urea. Incredibly effective in reducing and eliminating callouses yet gentle enough for every client.


LCN Spa Pedicure:

Enjoy the finest, natural beauty secrets from tropical paradises all over the world. LCN SPA is the perfect pedicure for indulging the senses and soothing the soul.


Wilde-Barefoot Toe Nail Correction:

Wilde-Barefoot is a means to restore the toe nail partially or completely thus providing an attractive cosmetic result.Works on discolored and disfigured toe nails.

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