High-Quality Construction

RockTape goes above and beyond where other kinetic tapes may fall short, providing you with materials that find a good balance between support and durability. The tape is a mixture of 97% cotton and 3% nylon which gives it a strong bond between fibers while still feeling soft and flexible on the skin. RockTape stays on the skin even while you’re on the move with strong acrylic-based adhesive, allowing for continual wear for up to five days.

Stay Flexible

Where other kinetic tapes only offer 130-150% stretch, RockTape goes the extra mile by featuring 180% elasticity. This allows you with better and fuller range of motion so that you can complete the tasks that you need to while being worn. Return to the feeling of natural motion without the restriction that other tapes give you, all while helping support your muscles.

Created for Competition

RockTape was created with the athlete in mind and built to withstand the rigorous movements that you go through day-in and day-out. By microscopically lifting the skin, RockTape decompresses the area it is applied to and allows for better blood flow. This helps prevent muscle fatigue and allows you to go harder, longer while also helping you recover quicker. Wear RockTape for support while running a marathon to rehabilitating from surgery.

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