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3 Weeks Post Op

It has been 3 weeks since my partial knee replacement. I had my first 2 week follow up Monday with Dr. Brother’s PA, Terri Anderson PA-C. She was amazed at my progress. She even asked me where my cane was. My Physical therapist, Dr. Cory Scott, PT has me coming 3 days a week. Tuesday he manipulated my knee to break up the scar tissue and to increase my range of motion. This was a rather painful experience. He payed back any pain I might have given to any of my patients 10xs over. From that point on I have been doing leg presses and increasing my range.

After I had the Tuesday experience at PT I made it to my office to see my life savior, Alice McConnell, LMT’s Vacuum cupping treatment. She removed the inflammation and took the pain away. Wednesday she cupped me again but this time before the PT treatment. She got my leg to extend to the table. She also loaned me a portable cup to take with me to PT. There we discovered that, by placing the cup where it hurts when moving, I can gain 2 degrees instantly in extension. Dr. Cory was impressed. According to him he had not ever seen that happen before.

Friday Dr. Cory checked my flexion and I am happy to say that I am within normal range. But I still have more to go. Extension has to increase another 4 more degrees. With all that said...I mowed the lawn Saturday morning with little discomfort. Although putting on my shoes is still a little Challenging. I am starting back to work this week as I planned to, but with a limited schedule. I will be going to PT only twice a week now until the end of the month.

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