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Rehab Time

Here is my knee at 8 days post op before Vacuum cupping.

Trying to pull the fluid off of my knee.

Here it is after cupping.

Where my skin was attached to the muscle it is now pulled away and there is blood flowing.

The white stripes you see are from Kinesio Taping which aids

with the fluid removal

This is day 12 post-op with Kinesio tape. Dr. Cory is impressed on how fast I am recovering and healing. He is definitely pushing me to my max... plus some. I see him three days a week. Vastus Medialis still has not quite started working and I am still numb on the lateral side of my knee but he says that is due to swelling and should change soon. I had Alice do a cupping treatment yesterday and then we taped it again. My goal is to be working at full capacity by September 12th. Dr. Cory thinks I will be there but will have to continue on with PT for a while after that. Also trying to do all of this without the pain pills. So far so good with the help of my Melaleuca Vitamins for joints. Taking the supplements is when I noticed the big change in my recovery. It goes to show if you give your body the right natural stuff it needs you can rehab fast from many things.

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