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"Walk Don't Run"

As many of you know, I finally had my knee surgery August 22nd. Dr. Anthony Brothers, MD Orthopedic surgeon from Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center, performed the surgery. He gave me a partial knee replacement. Take a look at the video at the end to see what he did. He also said I was a good candidate for this particular procedure because my ACL was in tact and I also had good muscle tone around the knee itself.

Unbelievably, they had me up and walking the same day as surgery. Sent home the next day, the dreaded rehab was looming. I had met Dr. Cory Scott, PT previously and knew I wanted him to do the Physical Therapy for me. He is at Prime Time Physical Therapy in Niceville, by Twin Cities Hospital, and another location on Hurlburt Field road (across from Kohl’s). Just 3 days after surgery Cory had the pleasure of whipping me back in shape. Day one he took away one crutch. Day two he sent me out the door crutch-free! I am also fortunate to have Alice McConnell, LMT, one of the Theapists at my office, performing Vacuum cupping massage which helps the tissue heal faster. With all of this and Kiensio Taping I am planning to be back working just three weeks after surgery!

All of you who told me to “walk not run” to recover... I am listening. I do plan on getting back to helping others by September 12th. We will see. I will keep you posted on my progress. I want to thank you for the prayers.

Partial (Unicompartmental) Knee Replacement

Rehabilitation Guidelines

  • Partial (Unicompartmental) Knee Replacement

  • Robotic-assisted Partial Knee Replacement

  • Total Knee Replacement

At UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, our orthopedic surgeons are experts in both partial (unicompartmental) and total knee replacements, which can each provide excellent long-term results.

Partial Knee Replacement: The Patient Experience

Learn about parital knee replacement, from the decision to have surgery through recovery, from a patient's perspective. This series of six videos walks through the experience.

Partial Knee Replacement Candidates

Patients with less advanced arthritis of the knee may be candidates for partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement. Patients receiving partial knee replacements often experience less pain and recover more quickly than patients who receive total knee replacements.

Each knee is different and the decision to proceed with partial (unicompartmental) vs. total knee replacement depends on the severity of arthritis, stiffness and deformity (crookedness). Each patient will need to discuss the specifics of his or her case with the orthopedic surgeon.

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