Getting stronger everyday and my ROM (Range of motion) is increasing.

Down to 1 day a week because I am going to the gym and doing what Dr. Cory Scott wants me to do plus some. I am also getting back to helping everyone else.

Call our office to get on my limited schedule...

It is now 4 weeks post-op. I went to the gym this morning and worked my legs 30 minutes on the Treadmill, plus 10 minutes on the Elliptical. All at level 3. After that a few leg presses and some lunges. All things my PT told me to be doing. With all of this and the rai...

It has been 3 weeks since my partial knee replacement. I had my first 2 week follow up Monday with Dr. Brother’s PA, Terri Anderson PA-C. She was amazed at my progress. She even asked me where my cane was. My Physical therapist, Dr. Cory Scott, PT has me coming 3 days...

Here is my knee at 8 days post op before Vacuum cupping.

Trying to pull the fluid off of my knee.

Here it is after cupping.

Where my skin was attached to the muscle it is now pulled away and there is blood flowing.

The white stripes you see are from Kinesio Taping which a...

As many of you know, I finally had my knee surgery August 22nd.  Dr. Anthony Brothers, MD Orthopedic surgeon from Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center, performed the surgery. He gave me a partial knee replacement. Take a look at the video at the end to see what he did. He a...

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